First: my English is not the best, so bare with me. I´m not able to translate the whole other  site into Englisch.

About this meeting: It startet with a long discussion in a german MTB-Forum about the Specialized-AWOLs, it´s riders and the different setups. I came up with the idea of a meeting to share bikes and experience in real life. And to chat, have fun and a cup of beer…

So, we (whoever shows up) will meet at N 51° 50.920′ E 010° 22.930′ (a shelter in the german mountains „Harz“) on September 08th 2018.

Following the great example of the Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting: there will be no service, no tracks, no scripts… you get the idea. You can supply yourself in Schierke or Torfhaus, two villages nearby. There are a lot of shelters in this area, maybe you take a closer look at www.openstreetmap.org

Only for AWOL-Riders? No, you can show up with every bike you like, but i guess a time-trial-bike is not the right choice to carry your sleeping bag and a nice ride to the place.